The Rise Of Social Media Essay

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The Rise of Social Media & the Social Media Generation Over the course of the last several years, various forms of social media have infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives. The rapidly developing forms of technology easily available to us such as smart phones enable us to gain a vast array of data in virtually no time at all. We can connect with people thousands of miles away in as much time as it takes to simply press “send” on a direct message sent via Facebook or Twitter. Many teenagers today could not imagine life without social media, which is, for many of them the main way they connect with their peers, their families, their favorite celebrities, and even where they get their news. By blurring the lines of social connections, social media websites have virtually redefined interpersonal communication (Carviou 259). When the first computers began to emerge in the 1940s, engineers immediately began attempting to develop ways to communicate through networks between those computers, which would eventually lead to the creation of the Internet (Hendricks 3). In the early days of the Internet, computer networking was envisioned as a “military centric command and control scheme” (“The History of Social Media” 2), however by the 1960s primitive forms of email began to emerge, as well as primitive internet browsers like CompuServe (Hendricks 3). Originally conceived as a “business oriented mainframe computer communication solution,” CompuServe eventually expanded…

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