Essay about The Rise Of Roman Empire

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In 14-19 C.E, with a sudden and effective move, Germanicus Julius Caesar has conquered Germania Superior. This victory has given him the capability of expanding the Roman frontier as far as the Vistula River, and also accomplished his father’s conquest of the Germans. Under his rule, Roman Empire has become stronger than ever, in terms of conquest and domination.
After the successful invasion of Caesar, the territory of Roman increased humongously and the process of “Romanization” is widely spread across the land. With the domination of the Roman over the Germans, Roman citizens don’t feel the need to study the “loser” languague. Instead, the Germans is the one who need to learn the language of their ruler, in order to work and contribute to the new king. Therefore, the commonly spoken language of the region becoming Latin and Greek. The main reason why Latin become the nation’s language is simply because it’s what Romans normally speak, and it’s also considered as “a source of Romans unity and tradition”(Vergil, Aeneid 12.834 and 837). Greek, on the other hand, is regconized as a “literary language”, and only be teached to the Romans who received elite education (Rochette, "Language Policies in the Roman Republic and Empire," pp. 550–552). Most men in the governing class could speak Greek, and with the conquest of Romans over the Germans, the high class of Germans definitely want to remain their status, therefore Greek is must-known language. Under the ruling of the new…

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