The Rise Of Roman Empire Essay

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Roman Empire did not fall in a day. It took a great deal of years for this empire to become feeble and fall. During this fall, there grew two distinct worlds, the West and the East. They were very surprising from each other. The attacking armed force came to the edges of Rome, which had been left absolutely undefended. In 410 A.C., the Visigoths, broke the dividers of Rome and breached the walls. As a result they sacked the capital of the Roman Empire.
The Visigoths plundered, looted, burned, and ravaged their way through the city, leaving a wake of annihilation wherever they went. The looting proceeded for three days. Without precedent for about a thousand years, the city of Rome was in the hands of somebody other than the Romans. This was the first occasion when that the city of Rome was sacked, however in no way, shape or form the last.
Romulus Augustus, the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire, is removed by Odoacer, a German savage who broadcasts himself ruler of Italy. Odoacer was a hired fighter pioneer in the Roman supreme armed force when he propelled his rebellion against the youthful head. In spite of the fact that Roman rule proceeded in the East, the crowning of Odoacer denoted the end of the first Roman Empire, which focused in Italy. Rome finally finds itself into pieces in 474 A.D. losings lands in all Europe such as Germany, Spain, and even Italy falling to these barbarians.

One of the numerous elements that added to the fall of the Roman Empire was…

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