The Rise Of Obesity Rates Essay

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The Rise in Obesity Rate in America Look around you, if you are in a public place with other people then you will likely see at least one person who is obese or on the verge of being obese. Obesity is now considered a disease in America by multiple healthcare professionals. Even with all the precautions and warnings given to Americans why is it that the obesity rate continues to rise? Does it have to do with the lack of exercise, poor eating habits, or factors that most Americans don’t know about? Even with multiple organizations created to educate Americans about obesity and its effects, do Americans even have the education and understanding of obesity and the effects it has on their lives?
What is Obesity? Obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of thirty or above, according to the author of “Obesity” from opposing viewpoints . The average or “normal” BMI is eighteen point five to twenty-four point nine. Seventeen percent of children ages two to nineteen are considered obese (“Obesity” 1). Michelle Johnson the author of “Obesity” from CQ researcher states that about twenty-one percent of adults twenty or older are considered obese and six point three percent are considered extremely obese. Extreme obesity is defined of having a BMI of forty or higher. With these percentages given that means that more than one third of America 's adult population is obese. Unfortunately these numbers continue to rise (Johnson 2) .
What role does food have on the obesity…

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