The Rise Of Obesity And Obesity Essay example

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During 2011-14, over one-third of adults in America were considered obese (Ogden, et al. 1). Politicians and tax researchers have come up with a plan to reduce the prevalence of obesity, by implementing an excise tax on items that contain added sugars. On average, added sugars add almost two-hundred kilocalories to a person’s diet, and added sugars provide no nutritional value (Brownwell, et al. 1599). They have also been linked to type two diabetes and obesity, which is a reason sugary drinks are targeted. There is a debate on how the United States should handle the rise in obesity. One group believes people will naturally stop drinking sodas over time because they will be educated about their effects. Another group believes in the excise tax on items containing large amounts of sugar. The tax would be beneficial to the obesity epidemic by encouraging consumers to buy the healthier options, decrease the healthcare cost in Medicare and Medicaid, and re-investing the revenue to programs that prove to help people with obesity.
The excise tax on added sugars would be beneficial in reducing obesity, by encouraging the consumer to choose the heathier option. The excise tax would tax the producers of products containing added sugars and should lead to a price increase. If the price rises, the healthier product will be the better option to consumers. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine states “A 1% rate per ounce of a beverage would raise the price of the drinks…

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