The Rise Of Imperial Liberalism Essay

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The rise of Imperial Liberalism in Britain led to dramatic change within many nations throughout the nineteenth century through the expansion of British Empire abroad, as well as other forms of encounters between British colonisers or conquerors and its vassal states. There has always, however, been a double aspect to such expansions. This gives clear attention to liberalism 's ability to negotiate difference in a context of empire and to inspire the audiences through the analysis of imperial rule. There are a series of arguments concerning the liberal critics of the British Empire. At a practical level, ‘liberal’ thought often refers to colonisation, trade and conquest in the form of multi-faceted transcultural and coexisting relationships. The imperial expansion abroad comes to be seen as a political and diplomatic project that might assist the advent of stable liberal democracies across Europe. In other words, the liberal idea of this fundamental aspect is concerned with broadening general knowledge and experience between the states. In opposition, British imperial expansion also alludes to Britain’s attempts to dispossess indigenous people from their land and reinterpret their nature of cultural diversity through religious, social, political, linguistic and educational reforms. The liberal is therefore concerned with the rights and obligations of Britain’s subjects under the rule of law, in which they strictly assign the role of the subject and the…

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