The Rise Of Hiv / Aids Within The Black Community Essay

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The topic that I have chosen to talk about for my final project is the rise in HIV/AIDS within the black community. In this paper I will be talking about what HIV/AIDS is, the statistics and what we can do as a community to stop the current rise and cases of HIV and AIDS. The first thing about HIV and AIDS that we should understand is that NO, you cannot get the virus from any of the following: Kissing (there is a small chance of getting HIV from open-mouthed or "French" kissing if there 's contact with blood), touching, hugging, or handshakes, sharing food or drinks, sharing food utensils, towels and bedding, telephones, or toilet seats, donating blood, working with or being around someone with HIV, getting bit by a mosquito, swimming pools or drinking fountains, or playing sports with someone who has HIV or AIDS. It also cannot be transmitted through air or water. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome. It can be spread through certain body fluids from an HIV positive person. Those ways are: Blood, semen (cum), pre-cum, rectal fluids vaginal fluid (both ways are from unprotected sex), breast milk or from mother that is HIV positive to child during child birth. Needle sharing is also a way of transferring the virus, giving oral please to someone who is HIV positive while having an open cut can transmit the virus too. According to an article by, the most common ways to get the virus are as followed: Anal or vaginal sex, with vaginal being the second…

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