The Rise Of High Renaissance Art Essay examples

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High Renaissance Art refers to the early 14th and late 15th century. During this period Europe became very impacted and Renaissance Art started to depict religous views and cultural beliefs. Traveling artists such as Raphael, Verrochio, and Donatello implented not only realism but also humansim within their oil paintings and sculptures. With the changes going on in society these artist were able to embrace techniques of perspective, chiaroscuro and improving naturalism. Being in competition Raphael as a young artist revealed christianity and executed balance in his work. Raphael began to evolve his style and composition introduced in the, Marriage of the Virgin, the School of Athens, Fire in the Borgo and Transfiguration. In addition, Verrochio and Donatello contributed similarities and different characteristics within their sculptures such as, bronze David, bronze equestrian statue of Colleoni, and Gattamelata. These are signified as devotional religious paintings and strong depictions of condottieres.
Marking and pulling away from traditional art, Raphael took aspects of greater artist such as Perugino and made them into his own. He started painting large altarpieces and became known for his abilities to balance composition, organization, and avoiding excessive detail. With ease and elegance Raphael creates a harmonious peice, Marriage of the Virgin constructed in 1504 that relates to the composition of Perugino 's Marriage of the Virgin. Raphael 's composition is geared…

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