The Rise Of Global Sea Levels Essay

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According to the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (an American institution), “more than 100 million people currently live within 1 [metre] of mean sea level”, meaning that close to 100 million people could and will be displaced from their homes within the next few hundred years, due to sea level rise (2010). There are several factors that contribute to the rise of global sea-level, both directly (warming oceans, expansion of ocean particles and melting glaciers) and indirectly (global warming and the loss of ice shelves). While ice shelves don’t directly contribute to the rising of sea-level, they play an important part in acting as a resistance towards the runoff water from glaciers to stop this water from reaching the ocean. The buttressing relationship between ice sheets and ice shelves is necessary in order to stop melting glaciers from rising the global sea-level, however the presence of global warming and what it entails means that the disappearance of ice shelves is inevitable (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 2016).
Sea-Level Factors and Predictions
Scientists and researchers have attributed various factors in causing the rise of global sea-level, all of which fall under the overarching theme of climate change/global warming. Greenhouse gases warm the Earth’s atmosphere, with most of this excess heat being absorbed by the top 700 metres of the ocean (NASA, 2016). This heating of the oceans’ surface causes the expansion of water particles, resulting in a small…

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