The Rise Of Colonization Of Africa Essay

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The march toward colonization in Africa began after the International Berlin Conference of 1884. During the conference, Bismarck organized and established regulations for colonization including it was necessary to protect free trade in parts of the Congo River.
Article 6 in the General Act of the Berlin Conference on West Africa, 26 February 1885, states “All the Powers exercising sovereign rights or influence in the aforesaid territories bind themselves to watch over the preservation of the native tribes, and to care for the improvement of the conditions of their moral and material well-being, and to help in suppressing slavery, and especially the slave trade. They shall, without distinction of creed or nation, protect and favour all religious, scientific or charitable institutions and undertakings created and organized for the above ends, or which aim at instructing the natives and bringing home to them the blessings of civilization.”
North German merchants and missionaries showed a lively interest in overseas lands. Also, prestigious colonies went together with society’s dreams of a High Seas Fleet. This comes pass. However the United Kingdom simply see this move as a threat to their colonies in Africa.
German’s colonial empire in Africa formed in the late nineteenth century as part of the Hohenzollern dynasty’s German Empire and their race for African territory came late in the game. Germany created four colonies in Africa; Namibia in German Southwest Africa,…

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