The Rise Of Boko Haram Essay

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Once a religious commune and now a violent terrorist organization, Boko Haram is impacting the country and surrounding countries of Nigeria. Their activity includes killing civilians, targeting government buildings, and even sending children in as suicide bombers to bomb buildings such as mosques. The main goal is for the group to turn the country of Nigeria into a true Islamic state. They believe that Islam should be the main religion and the country should move away from western and secular values. The government is currently combating this situation and many argue that they are doing a subpar job. There are three different types of causes that can explain the violent rise of Boko Haram. The rise of Boko Haram is attributed to individual, ideational, and institutional causes of political violence. Individual causes include deprivation of beliefs and political power. Ideational causes include the motivational beliefs held by the organization. Finally, Institutional causes include governmental corruption and lack of military control. These three explanations for political violence have shaped Boko Haram into the terrorist organization that they are today.
Nigeria is a country situated in the central west coast of Africa. The British invaded the region in 1900 and forced the Muslim north to merge with the Christian south (Alvi). The colony of Nigeria was then established. To keep a stable colony, the Christian south allowed the Muslim north to remain heavily Islamic. The…

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