The Rise Of Alzheimer 's Essay

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Isabella Kaitson
November 28th, 2016
Psychology 121
Alzheimer’s Paper

The Rise of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s has played a significant role in the United States in the last twenty years. It is a neurological disorder that causes abnormal changes in the brain, affecting memory and other mental abilities. It is increasing in people in the United States because of increased population. Alzheimer’s not only plays a large impact on those who suffer with it, but with family members as well. The prevalence of Alzheimer’s is increasing and effects certain groups more than others. Although Scientists do not have a cure, they do know what is happening in the brain that’s causing this disease. Treatment has been created to lessen the symptoms and help people with Alzheimer’s live longer.
Alzheimer’s is a debilitating neurological disorder that plays a large impact on the human race. It is an age related, non reversible brain disorder that usually develops over many years and creates severe loss of mental functioning in the brain (NIH). This disease affects the families and those who deal with Alzheimer’s. Fifteen million American families provide unpaid care for a family member with Alzheimer’s (NCOC). Alzheimer’s is a very prevalent problem and is increasing as our population is increasing. Ninety percent of people that get Alzheimer’s are age sixty-five and older and 5.1 million American’s have the disorder (NINDS). Alzheimer’s negatively impacts the health care system, families and…

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