The Rise And Fall Of The Hatchet Short Story

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When Brian was a thirteen years old boy, his parents had been divorce.basically Brian had to live with his father who was working in Canada in summer. Before Brian took the plane to visit his father, his mother gave him a hatchet as a present. Momentarily the pilot suffered the massive heart-attack and he died.Brian control the plane by himself. As Brian almost ran out of the gas he falled down on the edge of lake.After the plane crash, in spite of Brian’s forehead and his leg got hurt, yet he just thought about his mother cheating his father. Also, between the way to seek out for food, Brian found the rocky ridge by accidence, then he build it like a shelter. Moveover he found the berries tree and pick them down that had it as every meal. When Brian went to find other food, he met a bear whose was in front …show more content…
At last he got it after spent over two hours. During he kept going to collect dry branches, he heard some tracks. Then he followed and found the sea turtle’s eggs. He went to the lake to capture the fish with spear, yet he failed because the fish was too fast. After the spear did not work, he changed to build the bow and the arrow. Subsequently, he heard the plane, but the smoke did not work; therefore, he did not be saved.Also,Brian planned to kill the foolbird with the bow and the arrow.However, it did not work because the foolbird was hidden in the forest. Then Brian changed to hunt them with spear- he went near from the foolbird slowly and threw his spear at it. After he got the bird , he cooked it, and it was delicious. As Brian went around the forest, he had been bumped by the moose. During he went back to the shelter, the tornado also began, and all of his things were gone but the hatchet. Brian was looking for the pack in the plane. At first he build a raft by wedging the wood together with the windbreaker. So he also used a paddle to increase its

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