The Rise And Fall Of Civilizations Essay

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As each second passes, history is being created, no matter how big or small. History had been passed down by either oral or written text. It is what shapes and defines the humankind since the beginning of humans. Everyone has a different way to understand and record history. Historians have broken down the different ways to study history into different theories. Two of these theories are the Cyclical Theory and the Linear Theory. The Cyclical Theory believes there is no “real” progress being made in history; on the other hand, Linear Theory believes that the world is constantly progressing. But looking back at the history of mankind, patterns emerge from analyzing the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, the spread of religions, and similar reasons arise that ignited wars between groups; hence, the Cyclical Theory is the most accurate way to understand history. One of the reasons that indicate why the Cyclical Theory is the most accurate can be proven by examining the rise and fall of civilizations such as the Roman Empire and the Macedonian Empire. For example, the Macedonian Empire, an empire stretched from Greece to the border of nowadays India, led by Alexander the Great fell once he died because of the lack of leadership and fighting among generals. During the reign of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian conquered one civilization after the next. It was thank to the godlike leadership of Alexander and his army. Like mentioned previously, as soon as Alexander…

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