Effect Of Okonkwo In Things Fall Apart

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The Ripple Effect of a Main Character
One central character can be the victim, but also be the one causing others to be victimized.
The main character of Things Fall Apart is Okonkwo. He strives to be completely different than his father, which means he must be very masculine. Ikemefuna is a sacrifice and has no choice but to live with Okonkwo. He is frightened at first due to him being in a place that he has never been before. Nwoye is Okonkwo’s son. Okonkwo is quite ashamed of him by reason of him not being as masculine as he wishes that he was. When Nwoye decides to go to the Christian side, Okonkwo disowns him. Okonkwo, Nwoye, and Ikemefuna are all victimized by someone in Things Fall Apart.
Okonkwo is victimized by his fear of becoming like his father. Unoka, Okonkwo’s father, was believed to be weak and he was always in debt. Lucky for Okonkwo, in their
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He did not choose to become the sacrifice and he did not choose to live with Okonkwo but he still has to do it anyway. It can be quite frightening moving into a new place without control over the situation. Ikemefuna wants to run away and hide, but the environment was new to him so he did not know where to begin: “at first Ikemefuna was very much afraid” (Achebe 27). Eventually he became used to the new life he was living. Actually, Okonkwo grew quite fond of Ikemefuna. He appeared to like him more than his biological son. Ikemefuna even begins to call Okonkwo his father. Everything is fine until the Oracle says that they must kill Ikemefuna but little did he know that his father was going to be taking part. Okonkwo “heard Ikemefuna cry...Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down.” (Achebe 61). Okonkwo did all of this just because he did not want to be thought of as weak. Here is another way how Okonkwo lets his masculine side completely take over. Ikemefuna was someone that Okonkwo actually liked, yet his aggressive side has taken

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