The Riots Of The Baltimore Riots Essay

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Destroying someone else’s property and vandalizing someone’s neighborhood—your neighborhood— for no reason is never acceptable. But the property destruction in Baltimore wasn’t without a just reason. Every couple of years (now it’s more like every couple of months) an incident will happen where an African American is abused, beaten, or killed by a police officer—more specifically by a white officer. The African American population becomes angry and protest the injustice that Blacks go through every day, that they have gone through for decades. They will hold signs and they will march and they will be peaceful—until they aren’t anymore. The property destruction during the Baltimore riots were completely justified; the rioters were not destroying their home, that was done long ago by segregation policies in the early 20th century. “Negro slums” of the 1910s are now the dejected projects and empty blocks of the 2010s, so the rioters barely play a hand in the destruction of Baltimore. And instead of asking whether or not property destruction was morally justifiable, we should be asking whether or not killing a person- not just a black person but a person- is justifiable. Instead we are all focusing on the CVS that was burned down, we should be more focused on why.

The just war theory covers 7 principles to whether or not engaging in a war is morally permissible or not: Last resort, legitimate authority, just cause, probability of success, right intentions, and…

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