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The Ring
There is nothing I would keep from my fiancé Mario. He is the love of my life; if soul mates exist he is without a doubt mine. He holds me to standards that make me push myself to achieve, but accepts me if I fall short, and I him.
I have shared with him everything, told him things I thought I would never tell anyone, except for this one thing.
When he purposed on evening just before Christmas, I had tears streaming down my face. I we would spend our lives together married or not, and I am not even so old fashioned as to believe two people need to be married to spend their lives together or be a family, but still I wanted it – more than anything.
The wave of emotion that was overwhelming came was so powerful I was shaking, but then, just like that – when he opened the box it all came to a halt as he revealed a silver ring with a light green stone. Peridot - my birth stone. It wasn’t that it was a colored stone; I had no opposition to a dark ruby, or a teal color like his eyes. But it was green. After a silent pause I assured him I loved it, and I did – and do – but still, I was just not me.
Not to say that it isn’t now, in fact it is my favorite color, and not just because it is the color of my ring, but because of how it makes me feel.
My favorite color had always been purple, and it is a color I still love as all colors are, but green is a color of positivity, of action and energy – the color…

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