The Rights Of The United States Essay

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There are 242 million adults in the US currently. That’s 242 million people living their life - getting married, working at their dream job, having children, buying their first house. 242 million people who, in this country, have the freedom to live whatever kind of life they want.
But what if I told you that, of those 242 million people, 1 in every 100 of them is imprisoned. They can’t see their family, or get a good job, or travel around their world. Instead, 1 in every 100 adults is locked inside a concrete box with little choice in the matter. They miss on an entire lifetime of opportunities due to unjust and undue laws. Imagine your life being snatched out of your very hands because of one, TINY, IRREVERSIBLE mistake you ever so wish you could take back..
Some people deserve this punishment. These people, whose crimes are too heinous to even speak of, deserve to have their freedom stripped away eternally. Nobody should have to deal with a mass murderer walking around their neighborhood.
But is every single person locked away deserving of their punishment? Does 1% of our adult population deserve to be in prison? Is it right - or rather, just - to lock away nearly 2.5 million people?
Our justice system, as unappealing as it is to face, is deeply flawed. We have designed a system that allows an airplane hijacker to get less time in prison than a nonviolent drug offender.
The fault therein lies with a system of sentencing called mandatory minimums.…

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