The Rights Of The United States Essay

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Overall, Jefferson Smith today would not think that the Constitution has been able to protect the Lockean principles of our nation in regards to the Immigration Reform, but democracy is working in 2015. As a liberal Democrat, he believes in the rights of all people, regardless of their immigration status, which is also implied in the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. However, those who do not admit their fault and pay taxes will still have rights, but will also be held responsible for their actions. While President Obama has created a new bill that would support and protect all immigrants in general, these have not been placed into effect and a large number of politicians, law enforcement officers, and the general public are completely against supporting those who have come to the United States illegally. Many immigrants are treated harshly at their places of employment and by police officers when suspected of committing a crime. This relates to the idea of tyranny of majority as the majority generally decides what is best for American government and society. None of the government leaders are illegal immigrants, so they feel they can make the decision to violate their individual rights. Smith would be furious with the fact that the majority is taking over and not allowing everyone else to have a say in this important matter.
In addition, popular sovereignty is becoming less and less prominent in politics today and many people find themselves “too busy” to participate in…

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