The Rights Of The United States Military Essay

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In 2001, Yaser Hamdi, an American Citizen, was visiting Afghanistan when he was detained by the United States military. He was detained by the United States military because he was in a zone of conflict and was accused of being part of the Taliban. The Taliban is a terrorist group that targets the United States. Hamdi was accused of been part of this terrorist group and was declared to be an “enemy combatant” because he was in a zone of conflict that attacks United States military. Hamdi was held in Guantanamo Bay by the United States military but was transferred to a military prison in Virginia when the United States government discovered that he was an American citizen. The father of Hamdi, Esam Fouad Hamdi, filed a petition for the right of a habeas corpus declaring himself as his son’s “next friend”, which was an attempt to declared Hamid’s detention as been unconstitutional because he was a United States citizen that was kept away from his Fifth Amendment rights. The habeas corpus petition of Hamdi’s father was granted by the district court of Eastern Virginia and a Federal Public Defender was appointed to the case. The public defender Frank Dunham Jr. was appointed to Hamdi’s case to be able to prove that the rights of Hamid were violated and that his detention was unconstitutional. In 2001, congress passed a resolution allowing the president to allow any necessary force to be used against organizations, nations, or persons who have the intention to aid a terrorist…

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