Essay on The Rights Of The Privacy

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Now it come down to the law concerning our privacy. Is there a law written somewhere in the constitution that dictate the role of the government concerning our privacy? To be more precise can this law be found somewhere in the many interpretation of the third and fourth amendments? By invading people personal privacy, how is the government crossing the line in the effort to secure public safety? where in the amendments does it clearly state that the government can access a person privacy without any repercussion on their account. By simply increasing the matter of invading personal privacy is it a valid way for the government to secure public safety? The government is clearly crossing the line the despite what is written in the constitution. The advancement of technology is one of the many ways the government are collecting our information along with invading our privacy. There are many ways the government collect our information without us noticing, along with other non-governmental clearances. With the advancement of technology and camera reliability the government clearance, especially the NSA are aware of all our movements because they monitor our telecommunication. “With assistance from major telecommunications carriers including AT&T, has engaged in a massive illegal dragnet surveillance of domestic communications and…

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