Essay on The Rights Of The Elderly

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Behind closed doors For many families, nursing homes are often the choice to turn to when deciding to put their old loved one up for care. Why? The reason is simple. Because families know and trust that their elderly loved one will be provided with adequate care during their stay at a nursing home. We expect the caregivers to give the utmost care for them, address their needs, support them, love them and provide them maximal safety while at a residence. However, the opposite is occurring. Harm is happening to the elderly right from the hands of the people who are supposed to do otherwise. Elder abuse from caregivers still transpires to this day, and it is the elderly who are forced to live with the consequences. We don’t often hear about elder abuse because it occurs behind the scenes, where no one is watching. As a result, the elderly residents are the ones who have to live with the consequences of the physical and psychological abuse as well as the neglect they are receiving in nursing homes. Fortunately, there are measures we can take to stop and prevent elder abuse. We may sometimes hear in the news about the extraordinary deeds a caregiver has done for residents in a nursing home. On the other hand, what we hear less often of in the news are the incidents of maltreatment of caregivers towards the elderly. There are many elderly in nursing homes that are subjected to physical abuse, as well as neglect from the caregivers. In fact, in a quantitative study…

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