Essay about The Rights Of The Eighth Amendment

1796 Words Mar 22nd, 2015 null Page
“If you did the crime, you should do the time.” This quote represents how many American citizens feel about incarcerated prisoners. Citizens usually do not have much sympathy for those who abuse their constitutional rights and create crimes within society. Due to many people feeling this way, a lot of controversy has been created regarding the ways that prisoner’s should be treated while incarcerated. The eighth amendment protects every American citizen’s right from cruel and unusual punishment, no matter what the circumstance may be. There are a variety of ways that prisons are able to protect the eighth amendment rights of those who are incarcerated. Throughout the history of prisons there has been many amounts of claims and ways that prisoners have had their rights violated. As of today’s prisons, there are still issues with cruel and usual punishment, but as time goes on the conditions of prisons and their prisoners continue to uncover and discover different ways to make sure those who are incarcerated are receiving their constitutional rights. After the abolishment of slavery the government began to use a different tactic to implement slavery. Without cause, African American citizens were arrested and incarcerated for pity crime. The crimes that these African American citizens were committing were crimes that Caucasian Americans would not have been incarcerated for. While in the prison system they were treated again as slaves and forced to do work within the…

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