The Rights Of The American People Essay

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The United States of America is a country built upon fairness and equality. The constitution was written to ensure that the population had some form of regulations to adhere to. Amendments were continually added in to covey the rights of the American people. One of the amendments added to the constitution that has been widely disputed for many years is the second amendment. The right to bear arms is granted to individuals and state militias in the second amendment, but it is stated in an obscure way. For some people, the second amendment no longer holds its original meaning. Some believe that firearms should only be used by certain groups tasked to serve and protect the American people. However, the American constitution and the second amendment’s right to bear arms is an individual right granted to the American people, and it should remain an individual right.
In present times, the second amendment has been proven to be as an individual right by a Supreme Court decision. The 2008 case District of Colombia v. Heller resulted in the approval of individuals to legally possess firearms in D.C. The opinion of the court, written by Justice Antonin Scalia states that the case was brought to court because “[Heller] applied for a registration certificate for a handgun…, but the District refused” (2). Heller was denied his rights due to a ban on handguns in District of Columbia. The handgun ban was enacted years earlier because “Congress and state and local governments remained…

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