Essay on The Rights Of Same Sex Marriage

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As a super power the United States is often thought to be a role model for the rest of the world. However, where the gay rights movement is concerned the United States has historically fallen behind other countries. Several countries legalized gay marriage before it was nationally recognized in the United States. It is important to take the global viewpoint into perspective when examining the concept of same-sex marriage.
On April 1st 2001 the Netherland’s legalized gay marriage. This made them the initial country to legally accept same-sex marriage. (ProCon 10) In fact they were the first to give gay partners the legal status of married. This was a monumental decision as it made the Netherland’s the pioneering authority on same-sex marriage.
On February 13th 2003, Belgium legalized same-sex marriage. This gave same-sex couples the “same tax and inheritance rights” as opposing sex couple. (“Gay Marriage Around The World” 5). Prior to this legalization gay couples were given some rights but, only a miniscule amount compared to that of the “traditional” married couple. Though it took time they were the first to follow the lead the Netherland’s had created making them the second country to legalize gay marriage. On June 30th 2005, Spain became the third nation to legalize same-sex marriage. Though there was much controversy their Spanish parliament granted “identical rights” to gay couples. They went as far as changing the language of their marriage statute to include same…

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