The Rights Of Mentally Ill Patients Essay

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deliveries. The professional of any kind surely needs to be regulated especially those touching human life directly like nursing.
12.9 Rights of mentally ill patients
The findings of this study indicate that there continues to be considerable variation in the extent to which people with mental health problems feel that their rights are respected by statutory services. Specifically, people who took part in this study from around Scotland consistently voiced dissatisfaction with the process of being compulsorily treated / detained – although not the principle of compulsory treatment / detainment, which most believed was necessary in situations where people had become very unwell and could no longer care for themselves. The process of being detained was frequently described as inhuman and degrading. (Griesbach al 2013)
12.10End of life issues
A major finding is that, even though many members of staff had received little or no training in end-of-life care, they would like to do so to develop confidence and professional practice. This reinforces the view that care homes are learning environments, where people can be helped more easily to talk about death; dying and loss (Help the Aged, 2007).
Residents often say that they would prefer to die in their care home than in hospital, citing its relative homeliness, privacy in having their own room and the scope for relatives to be comfortable when visiting.
For staff, there are personal and professional challenges, as well as…

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