The Rights Of Man And Woman During Post Revolutionary America

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Ever since the beginning of time, equality of the sexes has been controversial topic that has been abused, debated, and argued about, focusing on during the time period of nineteenth century post-revolutionary America. In the article “The Rights of Man and Woman in Post-Revolutionary America,” written by Rosemarie Zagarri, focuses in on the rights of women during this time period. Women often have been left in darkness in the course of American history because of simply their sex bearer. When putting into consideration of the trends of the rights of women in America in comparison to men, their rights are visibly incoherent and inadequate until the transition of the American Revolution when rights began to alter for women. According to the periodical writers known as the Pamphleteers, they define women’s rights as “duties and obligations, not political liberty and person autonomy” (221). During this time two preconceived ideas were inherited from Locke and Scottish Enlightenment that were understandings of rights translated each differently. Scottish Enlightenment can be recognized as the focal point for women’s rights and duties while Locke’s conception can be described as the men’s. "Their thinking drew not on a monolithic concept of natural rights, as is commonly supposed, but on at least two existing theoretical traditions. The more familiar tradition is John Locke 's social contract theory, based on ideas of natural rights and equality in a state of nature. The other…

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