The Rights Of Human Rights Essay

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In 1948 UDHR was officially established but it did not guarantee human rights in each of everyone in the world. It took time to for it to be establish. The UDHR became official written rights that is supposed to protect each individual Human Rights, while there is human rights, it is different from actually enjoying this rights. Human Rights is important, and it 's often argued upon whether human rights are inalienable rights or human rights have limitations to it could extend to few. There are a lot argument placed about the universality of Human rights, either for its universality or inclusion which is against the idea of universality of human rights. Some arguments for human rights all humans regardless of race, class, and gender. There is at notion of understanding that Human Rights conception came from the rights of men which makes it limited to certain people, thus making human rights relative. It is important to note the meaning of Universal to understand arguments that supports the idea of Universal and Relative Universality. Then, providing arguments which made them Universal or just relatively Universal with examples of human rights we currently enjoy. First, philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke derived an argument that endorse Human Rights comes from the Natural law which then becomes natural rights. Natural rights that every human is entitled of having the same rights as anyone just because we are human. Natural rights have been challenge through time such…

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