The Rights Of Human Rights Essay

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First Example:
Second Example: Additionally, another property to the claim of inconvertibility is the inessentiality of any resultant duties. Many argue that humans need duties to attain certain rights. For the reason that animals do not need rights due to the notion that they are unable to deliver any duties, while humans are able to give and take in return. However, there is the great question of what is exactly a duty. There are two variations of duties; the positive and negative. Positive duties are the notion of performing an act. Accordingly, paying taxes earns you the right to free health care. On the other hand, negative duties is the secondary result of rights. Expressly, the only duty that is relative to human rights is the abiding of those human rights. However, human rights are not denied even if a person disrespects other people’s human rights. Locke introduced the benefit theory of rights which is the notion that the duties that are corresponding with rights are to adhere to the rights of others, as a result there is a contribution to protecting the rights themselves. However, Paine argues that human rights indeed require reciprocal duties to attain social justice. Moreover, even the notion of negative duties causes a conflict of rights due to the segregation of which right is more essential than the other. For example, a person’s right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion in the UDHR Act 18 and the ICCPR Act 18 conflicts with the…

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