The Rights Of Human Rights Essay examples

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An African man walks home from the local market to count the earnings he has made from his corn crops. He counts $2, just enough to feed his family. He owns the last plot of farmland in his village, but this will soon change, as another corporation needs space for agriculture. This man will be displaced along with other villagers with nowhere to work. The domination of developing countries is not uncommon and is threatening the human rights of individuals around the world. The uphold of human rights continue to benefit rich populations while the poor suffer because of inequalities in the world 's systems as well as the systems within impoverished countries. These inequalities are supported by discrimination against populations, corruption in poor countries, and the process of globalization. The constitution of human rights states that despite a person 's race, ethnic group, or gender, they are still entitled to their human rights. Regardless of this universal declaration, discrimination continues to be a factor that excludes groups from their rights and freedoms. The first case deals with healthcare systems in post-apartheid South Africa, where the community at the time was 9% white and 80% black (Lee, 2015). The black population 's infant mortality rate was 74/1000 however, for whites, it was only 18/1000 (2015). The HIV epidemic in 2005 affected 19.9% percent of blacks but only 0.5% of whites (2015). The discrimination towards the black community in the healthcare systems…

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