The Rights Of Gun Control Essay

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The Right To Bear Arms in America According to the second amendment in the U.S. Constitution, American citizens are allowed to own guns for purposes such as self-defense and recreation/hunting. Out of the many conflicts that are argued daily throughout America, the debate over whether the right to have ownership of a gun should or should not be taken away or restricted is one that has been discussed in Supreme Court cases such as in District of Columbia v. Heller, and researched by numerous professors and organizations (Greenhouse) . Many people decide who they are going to vote for in the presidential election based off their position regarding the second amendment. The right to have ownership of a gun should be restricted because taking away guns leads to less violence, the more guns you have available correlates to more violence, gun control is not always implemented effectively, guns are not as important and widely used as supporters of the second amendment believe, and guns are actually ineffective against crime. American people should be restricted in their right to have ownership of a gun that is protected in the second amendment of the Constitution because taking away guns leads to less violence for the whole country. According to Daniel Webster, the director of the John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, after Missouri struck down on its gun control measures, Missouri’s gun homicide rate was 47 percent higher than national averages, after just being 13.8…

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