Essay about The Rights Of Gun Control

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Gun Control Guns are safety to most families and individuals. Many households across the United States have a gun as the primary safety source. The safety factor of a gun is generally believed to more than that of a knife because it places more distance between an individual and an attacker. Guns have been viewed as a revered symbol of American independence. The Constitution emphasizes that Americans have the right to protect their residences and themselves by bearing arms (“Second”). Limiting Americans rights to bear arms is a breach of the Second Amendment. Supporters of gun rights argue that people kill people, the guns do not make the decision to kill or injure someone. Gun advocates acknowledge that regardless of the location: homes, businesses, cars, or in public, individuals should be able to forcefully protect themselves (“Self-Defense”). American should have the right to bear arms because America is a free country and individuals should have the right to protect themselves from danger. Self-defense laws with the use of a gun should be upheld in the United States. The Supreme Court passed laws during the 20th century that stated that a person had the right to retreat before forceful self-defense would be legal. The “right to retreat” only pertained to circumstances that took place in a person’s home, victims were not protected by the law if they were forced to protect themselves in public or places of business. Many states interpreted these laws in different ways…

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