Brother Leon Birdd

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Amos was one of the twelve minor prophets. God sent a outsider to Israel to condemn and warn them that their actions towards the poor would not go unseen and that God was going to punish them for their actions. Amos name literally means “burden”. God had placed a burned-on Amos’ heart that lead him Israel to tell the people Gods plans. “Amos’ purpose was to penetrate the veneer of self-satisfied complacency to the rotten core of the leaders or Israel” (Laymon 465) Ever since the beginning of times, God has cared specially for mankind. He has protected and provided them with what they will need, even when they do not deserve it. Regardless to the financial status of one, does not make them less of a person in God’s eye. However, that was not …show more content…
In 1995, Brother Leon and a man named Robert Shuemake woke up one early Saturday, with five gallons of coffee and a few dozens of donuts and headed down to downtown Dallas to love and care for those who lived on the streets. The morning was very slow and they met only a few people. However, the experience that the gained that morning made them strive to do more for the homeless community of Downtown Dallas. That is exactly what they did, the two men started a church called S.O.U.L Church. S.O.U.L stands for “Servants Of Our Lord” as both men felt a calling from God to serve the homeless. Shortly after they started the church, Robert passed away. Despite the this major pushback, it did not stop Leon from pursuing his call from God. Leon and many others worked day and night to grow this church that they had started. In 1995, what started as two men handing out coffee and donuts to homeless people turned into a church that has hundreds of homeless people gathering in a parking lot each week at 7 am to enjoy a home cooked meal, coffee and donuts, and a word from Brother Leon. Leon does more than just church on Sunday morning. Him and his wife own a landscaping business in which they take people off the street train them and give them a job so that they can have some source of income and help them work their ways off the streets. Brother Leon

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