Essay on The Rights Of Female Reproductive System

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The Right To Pee Peacefully What would occur if someone entered the women’s bathroom and saw a muscular, bearded man standing at the sink; likewise, what if someone entered the men’s restroom and saw a young woman with beautiful long hair waiting for a stall to open up? These two individuals are obviously in the wrong bathroom, but what if they are being forced to use these restrooms? The man happens to have a female reproductive system; even so, he is currently taking testosterone. Testosterone injections help to increase muscle mass, hair growth, and deepen the voice; as a result, someone who is genetically female who takes testosterone can look and sound like a man despite their genitalia. The woman happens to have a male reproductive system, but dresses in mostly feminine clothing and enjoys wearing makeup and stunning fashion wigs. The presence of these two makes the bathroom very uncomfortable for others and opens up the doorway to harassment. Women might be enraged or panicked by the woman and feel the need to yell at her, kick her out, or perhaps even contact authorities. Men could be surly and derisive in taunting the man or possibly even physically harming him if they discover he is genetically female. This harassment could lead to a fear of public restrooms and that fear could cause people to avoid going when they need to. Holding it in when you need to go can result in infections, which are becoming quite an issue in the transgender community. This is the very…

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