Essay on The Rights Of Both Adult And Teenage Transgenders

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The rights of both adult and teenage transgenders are more accommodating than the rest of the adults and teenageers. The decision to change genders is a hard one and can sometimes be influenced by outside sources. The new decisions regarding where the transgenders go to the bathroom has raised a lot of concern throughout the transgender community. The controversy over the robe change color in Ashland, Massachusetts has brought up questions for the general public regarding if this process was taking in account all of the students feelings or not. Transgenders have become more apparent and popular in our everyday lives causing some controversy between their rights and the rest of the people’s rights.
The new uprise of the transgender community has also brought forth the question of why all these people are doing so. According to the Scientific American Mind “Individuals face less stigma for transgender than for being homosexual” (Russo, Francine). Some of the minority don’t fight for rights because they don’t believe they should identify as the sex they transformed into. Russo comments “Teens who identify as trans,... can also be reacting to peer influence, or family dynamics.” (Russo, Francine) Some teens may identify as another gender because of outside sources such as family or friends telling them they are what they may not be.The federal government plays a role in people 's decisions as well. From a woman 's letter, the message was understood. Fall in line with the…

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