The Rights Of Black Men Essay

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protection, instead the wives turned to their fathers, brothers, or friends. Slaveholders showed concern for black women who suffered from husband abuse, but did not get involved with those who went back to their husbands protection as involvement could lead to marital drama. Women that were involved in physical abuse from their husbands would never report the encounter and some would even lie for their men. Brave black men took whippings and other punishments for their women and daughters anyways. One of the first few acts of free blacks in Georgia was organize a “Sons of Benevolence” to protect female virtue. One of the slaves allies, was the dog. The dog helped hunt for opossum and raccoon. The slaves took great pride in their dogs. The dogs also caused havoc killing livestock on plantations and barked too much. Black men had a feeling of respect and protection when owning a dog. Plantations usually had one or two “trusted” slaves that carried a gun for the big game being hunted. The states tried to outlaw the slave’s “right” to handle a gun, but state localities made exceptions. The scene of a couple slaves with guns did not raise any eyebrows for the slaveholders, because their was not many instances of gun abuses among the slaves. The winter brought abundances of raccoon and opossum, so whites and blacks used this as a holiday. Smart slaveholders saw advantages in empowering the male in the household. Men did the work on rainy days while women did the lighter tasks,…

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