The Rights Of Bear Arms Essay

1350 Words Jul 31st, 2015 null Page
Even though America has had many faulty shootings that have occurred, the right to bear arms should be protected. There are some citizens that feel as the American government should just completely ban guns due to the fact of school shooting, high murders rates or even shootings in public places. But what these citizens forget is not every person that owns a gun goes out there commit crimes. The right to bear arms should be protected for one reason it gives people added protection. Someone using the right to bear arms could potentially save someone 's or dozens of people lives. Also taking this right from citizens will only cause more problems and does not guarantee the crime rate will go done. People do not like the idea of being told what to do. The right to bear arms is a second amendment and should not be taken away from people it is one of the ideas that America was built on. Taken it away would make people question the importance of the constitution.
People need protection just about everywhere they go and having the right to bear arms gives them that. The people that are against the right to bear arms will say things like that is what the police is for ‘’but in fact, concealed carry permit holders have better safety records than police officers, and more criminals are killed by citizens defending themselves than are killed by law enforcement.” Majority of people keep guns in…

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