The Right vs. the Wrong Essay

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The Right vs. The Wrong
Matt Kimball
DeVry University

The battle of determining what is right and what is wrong is one that we all face. The depth of that battle is one that varies across a wide array of topics, ranging from a moral dilemma that has consequences to a simple decision like what to wear that day. The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan explores this battle as it relates to determining what is right and what is wrong for our dietary needs. Society has drastically changed over the years in the U.S. especially when it comes to our eating habits and the frequency in which we eat out at restaurants and fast food chains more regularly than ever before. The increased volume by which we eat
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There are three steps that you can take to eat healthy that I feel many of us do not think about: 1) Avoid drinking extra calories; 2) Appetizers can make the meal; and 3) Choose a healthy sauce (2). By making an effort to avoid drinking extra calories you are limiting the number of calories you intake, which will help limit the unhealthiness of the meal and the effect that calories have on our health. The decision to make appetizers the meal is one that requires in-depth thought for some people because they often think that it will not be filling enough. I would respond to that by saying, “Order two.” More often than not by ordering two appetizers rather than one entrée you are still getting enough food to fill you but less food than with an entrée which is another way to keep the amount of unhealthy food entering your body. The one step to eating healthy that I feel is greatly overlooked is the sauce used in the preparation of your meal. For example, if you are eating Italian food you would be better served by choosing something with a tomato-based sauce rather than a cream-based sauce. If we are able to make a few minor adjustments to our decision-making process, we can gain a greater advantage by making those “right” decisions (
Pollan explores the evolution of our society’s eating habits further in The Omnivore’s Dilemma in an interesting way that, in my opinion, is informative as well. The book is broken down into three major parts: 1.)

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