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Individuals suffering from incurable diseases or conditions where there are no effective treatments that will improve their quality of life should be giving the liberty to choose to end their misery. In the late stages of a terminal illness people may endure such pain and suffering: the decline of their body, the shutting down of organs one by one, slowly losing their senses, their minds, and the essence of themselves. Let alone the medication that they are given to “make them comfortable” leaves them delirious or in a comatose state. If you were this patient wouldn’t you want to have the option to choose the manner of your existence? When a person afflicted with an incurable disease considers their life no longer a benefit but a burden, can justify that their quality of life is worse than no life at all, couldn’t this be considered cruel and unusual punishment to force such suffering upon them?

In 2009 Montana joined the few states at allow for Physician-Assisted suicide. Montana Supreme court ruled December 31, 2009 that they found no indication in Montana law that physician aid in dying provided to terminally ill, mentally competent adult patients is against public policy" and therefore, the physician who assists is shielded from criminal liability by the patient’s consent (, 2012). Allowing the “right to die” to those whose meet the criteria set forth in a proposed law similar to Oregon’s Death
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