Essay on The Right to Bear Arms

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The Second Amendment of the Constitution: The Right to Bear Arms

The American Constitution was a book of laws that gave a brief explanation of the American Dream. In the Constitution, there were ten laws that were considered the “Civil Rights,” and one of these laws laid commonly questioned and tested. The second Amendment of the Constitution: the right to bear arms was a very significant law in the American Constitution, since it has two sides of opinion. Many Americans consider that people should not have the right to bear arms, while the other party believed that America could be considerably safer if this law was ratified. Which party was factual?

The American Dream has been changed and dealt with numerous times, and
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When the war is over, soldiers should and must return all weapons.” There were no certainty that all weapons will be returned, but it was worth an attempt.

Of the 48% of students that were against the law of bearing arms, 52% of students believed that the right to bear arms was a right. When asked why, the students commented that: “If there were no guns for protection, then how will America survive?” “If terrorists came to our country, and we didn’t have weapons to defend ourselves, then we would all perish.” Students that answered this survey recommended that America would not be the strongest country it was and still is without its weapons.

Both ways of thinking are right, but which side is the best? America had and still has the strongest army in the world, but it also has the most deaths per year. America has highly advance weapons of mass destruction, but America also has had thousands soldiers risk their lives for American safety. Either side you choose, there are consequences. Every country including America has their advantages and disadvantages. This law is similar to citizens making everyday choices, you can never be sure of what the outcome is going to be.

America is known for making historical and memorable choices that has had an effect on many. The 911 attack was a great example of how America made historical decisions that reflected on America society. African-American slavery was another

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