The Right Side Of Morality And Ethics Essays

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Jay Leno once said, “If you think of life as like a big pie, you can try to hold the whole pie and kill yourself trying to keep it, or you can slice it up and give some to the people around you, and you still have plenty left for yourself.” Many industry leaders believe in innovation and technological advancements that will improve life and humanity on many different levels. More importantly those companies that do so, do it on the right side of morality and ethics and believe in the greater good. Unfortunately some big companies, such as those in the automotive industry, that have an influence in society wield their power with greed, with the sole purpose of maximizing profits. A perfect example of the greed that drives these companies happened most recently with German automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen, which installed a device that enable the on cars computer to essentially “lie” on emissions tests in order to pass. Automotive companies around the world operate unethically and immorally in order to satisfy their greed. The following research that will be presented will prove that leaders in the automotive industry care only about their pockets and not about their products or consumers.
Even though the modern automobile was perfected in France and Germany in the late 1800s, Americans overpowered the industry in the first half of the twentieth century. Henry Ford, innovator of the assembly line in mass production, standardized techniques such as this. With Ford, General…

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