Essay on The Right Role Of Government

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The right role of government can be separated into three theories in how government can be integrated into the lives of people when considering the libertarian view on limited government inclusion in the lives of everyday people, along with liberal views on redistribution and the views of Aristotle on government. Both Libertarian and Liberals speak about many similar issues, however, share contrast differences on topics such as taxation, self-ownership, and economic prosperity. The third theory, being that of Aristotle, while relevant in ancient times pertaining to government rule and the selection of societies elite to manage government, nevertheless, is not an effective form of government to practice in modern times. It can be said that Liberalism provides the strongest argument out of the three theories as it can be seen that it is relevant today and is accepted by those who give up certain rights to live collectively in a thriving economy regulated the by government. 1

Libertarians believe in society today the government is wrongly involved in the financial aspects of peoples’ lives with government reinforced policies like taxation, which through regulated laws, control a person’s options and ability to keep income that they worked for. Among many moral, religious, and economic beliefs Libertarians believe strongly in the concept of “self-ownership” based on the belief that a person has unequivocal rights to own themselves. The concept of “self-ownership” by…

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