The Right Of Religious Freedom Essay

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The right of religious freedom is guaranteed to all citizens under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution (US Constitution). This right is extended to the public at large, as well as those who are incarcerated. Since the l960 's a variety of prisoner lawsuits, have been aimed at challenging and enhancing prisoner 's rights on to religious practice. Traditionally, penal facilities maintained financial issues, and security risks made it unfeasible to accommodate religious practices. Despite the difficulties cited, these lawsuits have, overall, been successful; favoring prisoner’s rights (Solove 2006). These suits have resulted in courts ordering penal facilities to find ways to accommodate religious practice and not place burdensome restrictions on worshipers. Like it or not, the practice of religion is alive and well in the American penal system.
There have been few studies on the role religious belief and practice play among incarcerated populations in the United States. The majority, if not all of these studies have focused on Christian and Muslim inmates; with no studies specific to Jewish inmates, and undeniably none published, which specifically explore the role religion, has played in the lives of Jewish female inmates. A study of Jewish, female inmates will help to complete the body of research on religious observance among incarcerated populations.
There is a common fallacy that there are fewif any Jews who are incarcerated; and while…

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