The Right Of Die Movement Essays

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“If you don 't have liberty and self-determination, you got nothing. That 's what this country 's built on and this is the ultimate self-determination to determine when and how you 're gonna die when you 're suffering”- Jack Kevorkian (“People”). Jack Kevorkian, or infamously known as Dr. Death, was a practicing physician and convicted murderer whom brought a spotlight to the nationwide conversation on the right to die movement (“Prescription”). But, what is the right to die movement? The right to die movement is an advocacy movement that stresses the belief in the natural or constitutional right to end one’s life when they seem fit, especially in the case of a terminal illness. However, with every movement there are citizens on both sides of the agreement. In this ever-progressing society, the ability of medicine has dramatically increased our chance of surviving illnesses or keeping the seriously injured “alive”. Furthermore, our technologically advanced society has also clung to the ideals of religion, which brings opposition to the idea of assisted suicide. The debate on the right to die, on either side, also brings up one of the essential questions humans have, what is the meaning of being mortal, dying, and our inevitable death? The right to die movement has and continues to affect society’s view on death, dying, and mortality through its implications in both science and religion. The right to die movement is a societal and political crusade that advocates for the…

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