The Right Now Our Country Is Going From A President Like Obama And The Man Known Donald Trump

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So let me start out by saying this was a very hard topic to do research on, I even questioned myself many times and wanted to change my topic, but I wasn’t sure if that was allowed or not and I did not want to get panelized for it. Although, yes it was a very hard topic to write about it was a topic that, I felt personally was important especially in our day and age where we are politically as a nation. Right now in our nation we see that there are many people who do not want others to have proper insurance because they think that it’s hurting our citizens rather than helping.
In my opinion, right now our country is going through a big transition from a President like Obama and to the man known as Donald Trump. I do not like him and he believes that health coverage like Obamacare and other local health insurance groups are not a good idea. That in my opinion is very wrong, and why I feel that way is if we have more healthy adults and children in our nation the more our nation is out there at work or at school. Many adults do not have the proper health coverage to be seen by the doctors and a proper doctors visit is very expensive these days.
If many more adults had more access to healthcare there would be healthier adults; which means that these people would not miss work. When a nation is healthier that means more of its citizens are at work or trying to find a way to better their lives.
When people do not qualify for health coverage because they do not fall into the…

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