The Right Influence For Success Essay

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The Right Influence for Success
The term poverty often refers to “the state of someone who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possession. In other words, any individual that lacks a sufficient amount of money to live off of live in poverty. This is quite a huge problem in the Hispanic-based communities as often times we hear stories of Hispanics who grew up poor. These individuals are usually placed in a category by which it is believed that they are more likely to remain poor if they come from a background of poverty. In an article titled “Why It’s so Hard for the poor to Get Ahead” by Matthew O’Brien, O’Brien confirms that it is hard for those who live in poverty to overcome poverty. This means that Hispanics who grew up poor are destined to remain poor for the rest of their lives. Hispanics currently have the highest poverty rate among any other ethnic group at 28.2 percent. No matter the adversity that these young Hispanics have to overcome. With the right influences they can succeed. The term influence refers to any factor that has an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. Although many of the Hispanic youth are at a disadvantage, with the right influences such as family, extracurricular activities, and support from tutors these students can graduate and become successful in their journey to obtain a higher education.
Hispanics is an ethnic group known for family values. Due to the fact that family is…

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