Right Influence For Success

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The Right Influence for Success
The term poverty often refers to “the state of someone who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possession. In other words, any individual that lacks a sufficient amount of money to live off of live in poverty. This is quite a huge problem in the Hispanic-based communities as often times we hear stories of Hispanics who grew up poor. These individuals are usually placed in a category by which it is believed that they are more likely to remain poor if they come from a background of poverty. In an article titled “Why It’s so Hard for the poor to Get Ahead” by Matthew O’Brien, O’Brien confirms that it is hard for those who live in poverty to overcome poverty. This means that Hispanics
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In an article titled, “Tutors Helping Hispanic Students Avoid Dropping out of School” it is stated that, “Hundreds of Hispanic students in North Texas have benefited from a tutoring program credited with reducing a bane to that community, namely a chronically high dropout rate” (“Tutors Helping Hispanic Students Avoid Dropping out of School”). This shows that tutor can influence Hispanic student to stay in school and decrease the dropout rate for Hispanic students. This is key because if the Hispanic students stay in school they can then graduate and have a higher chance to go to college and become successful. If it was not for these tutors the students would have dropped out of high school and hindered their success. In an article titled, “Tutoring show Success”, by Margaret Spellings, Margaret discusses how Hispanic students math and English skills grew stronger as a result of a program by which the students were tutored. She goes on to state that students who were tutored for over a year saw major improvement in their academics. This shows that Hispanic students who get tutored or influenced to be more successful in the academic field. Without the help of tutors these students would likely continue to struggle or simply gave up. Tutors are important to success in college because academic success leads to more opportunities to obtain a higher education. This …show more content…
The success of the Hispanic individual is determined by the types of influences they have in their lives. In other word, their success can come from the support of their family, involvement in extracurricular activities and the help of tutors or programs that introduce tutors to them. As can be seen in the first chapter of Wise Latinas, Torres essay “Going the Distance” Torres shows us that family does indeed influence academic success and push her to do well in college. Her parents instilled in her from a young age that education is important. Due to her parents early push of education on her she was able to go to college and earn a college degree. This opened doors for success for Torres and helped pave the path for her to become a journalist. In “One Latino Family’s Experiences in Higher Education”, Margarita discusses her success with higher education. She describes how she worked as an influence for her brothers and sisters to go to college. Her parents pushed her to go to college and as the oldest of all her siblings she was able to motivate her brothers and sisters to go to college as well. They saw that she was able to seek higher education, so they followed in her footsteps and did the same. Margarita show us that family influence is important an important factor for higher education. Participation in extracurricular has proven to be a great

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