The Right Elementary School For My Gender Nonconforming Child

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With the multiple readings this week, let me commence with Is This the Right Elementary School for My Gender Nonconforming Child? Not only did I anticipate the content when I saw my Professor’s name on the article, but the appealing language was hard to overlook. I appreciated the disclosure of Martin’s case, a four and a half year old, with a nonconforming gender identity and was transitioning from preschool to the neighborhood school, Cynwyd Elementary, with his second grade sister, Veronica. The key players were his mom and teacher educator, the school’s guidance counselor, the principal, and the consultant that provided professional development services.
His mother emphasized my statement from my October 26 entry; drawing attention that all the burden should not rely on teachers to use culturally relevant practices and sociocultural consciousness. Rather, parents must play an active role in establishing relationships with their child’s teacher and presenting their child to the educators, also known as “facilitative parents” in the article. Therefore, before deeming a child as unfit, the teacher has a frame of reference, not from his/her understanding, but from the people who know the child the best - parents or guardians. While I can comment on many sentences within the writing, the section titled “Ten Cs of Cynwyd Elementary” outlines the following executions and characteristics: collaboration, consultation, confidence, change, climate, courage, curiosity, community,…

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