The Right Education For Productive Character Essay

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The Right Education for Productive Character.
America’s public education is in the process of being changed because groups wish to insert their lifestyle, their wants, and their ideas into the public education system. Public education was created as a systematic method of teaching and training to acquire knowledge with the ability to use knowledge wisely. To quote Benjamin Franklin from Education and Public Health: Natural Partners in Learning for Life; “Nothing can more effectively contribute to the cultivation and improvement of a country with wisdom, riches, strength, virtue, welfare, and happiness of a people than a proper education of the youth.” (qtd. in Smith 1) Education is not just getting prepared for life; it is life itself. John Dewey said that “intelligence plus character is the goal of the right education.”( In his book William Bradford Wilcox explains that due to a messy family life with broken homes; certain problems such as addictions, neglect, abuse, and single parenting; gets passed on to the children.(Wilcox) Under these evidences the children have difficulty learning or wanting to learn. The purpose is to obtain the right education for productive character which effects future generations.
Society as a whole in America is messy. The people of this country are divided roughly 50-50 between conventional and liberal learning. The people are not of one goal or idea for the good of the country. This makes us a very un-United States of America.…

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