The Right Brain Approach: Psychology in Advertising Essay

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I've always been interested in advertising. I usually pay close attention to commercials when they come on the television or the radio. I like pointing out what I do and don't like about the commercials, and whether or not I believe that they will be successful in enhancing the sales of the product or service they are advertising. I don't know much about what goes into advertising. I simply like giving my opinions. Advertising is even something I may consider getting into after college. Because of that, I wanted to find a website that discussed the psychology involved in advertising. I found the website for an advertising company called Kenny and Associates, Incorporated.
Kenny and Associates, Inc. describe themselves as a company whose
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The second section of the website describes the company's method they developed. They call it "IN-SIGHT Methodology". The company attempts to create questions that will get around rationalizations and reveal the emotional reasons they are looking for. To do this, they use methods of visualization, relaxation and repetition. They believe those methods force the participant to avoid using rationalization. IN-SIGHT looks for trends in emotions from the responses they get. They look at how those emotions affect behaviors and decisions. They do not believe they need to interview many people to understand the emotions brought out by particular subjects, therefore they use smaller sample groups. Kenny and Associates believe that because most people are emotionally similar, they can take a broad view of most consumers. They believe people do not buy products because of their income or age, but because of emotional motivators. If these emotional motivators can be discovered, then the retailer has all the information it needs to successfully advertise their product to the consumer.
After describing their method, the website offers a success story of theirs. In 1980, General Motor executives formed Saturn Cars. Saturn was supposed to have a new way of interacting with consumers. It had to be different from General Motor's old method, because that wasn't doing too well against Japanese cars. Kenny &

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